Hello and thank you for your interest in joining our Worship and/or Media Team!

We believe that worship prepares our hearts to encounter Jesus and allows us to express our gratitude to God for His faithfulness. Worship and media team members are responsible for creating this excellent worship experience each weekend. What we get to do is a privilege and each time we take our places to serve we have the opportunity to bring glory either to ourselves or to God. You’ll fit well on this team if you’re desire is to use your talents and abilities to praise the Lord and not yourself. (See Psalm 33:3 & Psalm 150)

For this reason, we have also set this application and audition process in place. We are searching for the highest caliber people because that’s what God and the people of our church deserve. We don’t expect perfection, and there will always be opportunities to grow, but we do expect excellence. This is what the application process looks like:

1. Complete the Worship and Media Team Application
2. Processing of Application
3. Audition in front of Worship Pastor and current team members
4. Decision made on place of ministry

The Worship and Media Team Application will cover personal information, skill and experience, general questions, and personal references. Your answers to these questions will be treated as strictly confidential and reviewed only by the pastoral staff. Please answer each question as completely and honestly as possible. If you are applying for the worship team, an audition will be scheduled after this application has been processed and approved.

The whole process should take approximately one month from start to finish and is constantly inclusive of prayer. We will be praying for you and we ask that you pray about this process as well. Rest assured that we will not place you in a ministry position until both you and we have peace about it.

One final word: we as the staff are here to serve you and we will always be interested in your development as a follower of Christ over any task that you complete. We care about you and want to see you be the best that God made you to be!

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Media section

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Spiritual information

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