River City School of Ministry (RCSM) is located in Boise, Idaho.  In partnership with Northwest University, Kirkland, Washington, River City School of Ministry gives students an opportunity to earn an accredited degree through Northwest University and the Northwest Partnership Program, (NPP).  While students gain practical leadership training through their internship, they will also be obtaining degree credits.  This means our students receive college degrees with the highest level of accreditation and skilled training that will prepare them to lead in their area of calling, all in the context of the local church.

Mission of RCSM

At River City School of Ministry, our desire is to prepare leaders through a holistic approach, pairing academics with practical experiences. The combination of online and facilitated training with personal interactions among teachers and mentors, provides a creative learning environment to develop the heart, soul, and mind.


Anyone with a High School Diploma or GED who wants to be more grounded in God’s Word, to understand your calling and gifts, be a more compassionate citizen, be academically sharp, and ready to exercise ministry and leadership skills in the church or marketplace.


Northwest University’s Associate of Arts degree is a fully accredited, two-year degree program that satisfies the general education requirements for most bachelor’s degrees. Even if you have little or no previous college experience, you can earn an A.A. degree and then take the next step towards your B.A. It's a great start to a new beginning. This Associate in Arts degree is the entry point to these B.A. degree programs offered at the Northwest University Instructional Site located at the Southern Idaho Ministry Network office in Nampa, Idaho, or at Northwest University, Kirkland, WA. (Nampa offers BA’s in Organizational Management, Business Management, and Psychology.)

Northwest’s Associate in Ministry Leadership lays the foundation for a  Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Leadership (offered at Northwest University’s Instructional Site in Nampa, ID or Northwest University, Kirkland, WA).

The AML degree meets the minimum requirements for credentials in the Assemblies of God Church.

All courses have the highest level of accreditation-the same as all major universities.

All courses are offered online.


The Northwest Partnership Program is very affordable.

NORTHWEST Costs for 2019-2020 academic years:


– $310.00 per credit*

– $1,300 NPP Program Fee ($1,300 per semester)


All tuition costs and the Instructional Site Fee are eligible for federal financial aid.


* Typical semester of 12 credits of coursework (4 classes plus Program Fee) $5,020.00


Fall Deadline 2019: July 1st


Spring Deadline 2020: November 1st


Only complete applications will be considered after the deadline up to July 15th/November 15th

(Application, transcripts, complete FAFSA with school code, GPA petition if appropriate.)


Should I apply for the internship even if I’m not sure I’m called to full-time ministry?

Yes, not all graduates will be called to full-time ministry, but the RCSM Internship curriculum, practicum, and lifestyle will be foundational for spiritual success wherever you are called.  Our goal is to build Christian leaders for ministry and the marketplace.

What are the areas of specialty for the practicum?

Interns will be exposed to and may specialize in any of the following areas:
        Pastoral, Worship and Media Arts, Youth, and Children’s Ministry

How many college credits are earned and do they transfer?

Students earn up to 60 credits (30 credits per year) from Northwest through their coursework and credits for internship, which can be transferred to any other accredited institution.

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Rob Sargent, Director RCSM

208-375-1328 ext. 203