About Us



Pastor Wayne and Wendy Crownover – Lead Pastors

Pastor Wayne and Wendy have a love for the City of Boise and the Treasure Valley and a desire to see spiritually lost people come to know Christ and live boldly for Him.  They have pastored here since 1999.  Pastor Wayne and Wendy were married in June of 1995 and enjoy doing life and ministry with their daughter and son, Sabrina and Hunter.   Besides doing ministry and enjoying time together with family, Pastor Wayne enjoys the outdoors of Idaho camping, fishing, bowhunting, sports, and staying in shape.




Pastor Eric and Rheayn are an amazing couple that share a love for the Boise area. They have a strong love for students and a desire to see them live boldly for Christ in their generation. In addition, they are very gifted in music and lead the worship ministry teams at River City. Together they have two energetic boys named Judah and Zion. You might find them getting a coffee at Starbucks or adventuring with their kids!




Rob has a passionate heart for training and discipleship. He leads our School of Ministry at River City helping students to grow so they can effectively fulfill God’s purpose for their life. He is gifted in administration and encouragement. He is married to his wife Judy and they have a son and daughter who are both grown. If the weather is nice you’ll see Rob riding his Harley to the office or around town.




Pastor Josue and Laura have a heart for Spanish speaking people. They lead the Spanish service on Sundays and Spanish Bible study during the week. Pastor Josue and Laura have one son, Isai, and two daughters, Kayla and Jazzy. Their homemade tamales are always a big hit.




When you call our office at River City Karen’s voice will probably be the first person you hear. We lovingly say she is the glue that keeps our office together. She carries the heart of the Pastoral Staff and Team so well and is amazing at what she does. She is married to her great husband, Lonny. They have two grown children and just recently became grandparents of twin boys that keep them busy along with their other four grandkids.


Jesus and Salvation

We believe in Jesus Christ. Sin separated each of us from God and His purpose for our lives, but we receive forgiveness when we repent of our sins, believe that Christ died to save us from death and submit to His will for our lives. God wants to heal and transform us so that we can live healthy and powerful lives in order to help others to experience the hope and assurance of Heaven.

We believe the Bible is God’s Word. It is accurate, authoritative and applicable to our everyday lives.

We believe in one eternal God who is the Creator of all things. He exists in three Persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. He is totally loving and completely holy. The Lord Jesus Christ is both God and man and is the only one who can reconcile us to God. Each time we partake of communion we remember Jesus lived a sinless and exemplary life, died on the cross in our place, and rose again to prove His victory and empower us for life.

We believe sin has separated each of us from God and His purpose for our lives. In order to receive forgiveness we must repent of our sins, believe in Jesus Christ and submit to His will for our lives. God wants to heal and transform us so that we can live healthy and powerful lives in order to help others more effectively.

In order to live the holy, fruitful, and power-filled lives God intends for us, we need to be baptized in water, set our mind on Him and His purpose, and be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit.

We believe God has individually equipped us and corporately gathered us as His living body so that we can successfully achieve His purpose for our lives, which is to worship God, strengthen the Church, and share the Gospel with the community in which we live.

We believe the Lord Jesus Christ is coming back again as He promised and will rule and reign on this earth. History will conclude as the wicked are judged and the righteous enter a new heaven and a new earth.

Grow in Your Walk with Jesus

As one of the core values at River City Church, we want to equip believers to become fully-devoted followers of Christ. Maybe you just gave your heart to God or you have been a Christian for years, discipleship is essential to your growth in Christ and our focus is to help you on that journey.


Our Mission is to reach spiritually lost people with the transforming love of Christ.

Become A Member

Being a member of River City Church is simply uniting with the church family to share, support and serve our Christian family community and local church. Having received Christ, and been baptized in water, you can commit to God and the other members of River City Church at our Connection Class.